For the last few weeks we have been preparing for Christmas.

We have learnt new songs for our nativity , which we hope you enjoyed. We had fun dressing up and performing.

We have made a special STAR, that will light your hearts and our Christmas tree.  We used lots of glitter and shiny shapes.

We made a special book that taught us our FIVE SENSES.

We had presents that we can SEE with our eyes.

We used our noses to SMELL the mint

We used our hands to TOUCH the snow

We used our ears to HEAR the bells

We used our mouths to TASTE the gingerbread reindeers.


We and our friends in Ladybirds got to make our own Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer. We had a gingerbread biscuit that we put on a cherry nose, chocolate eyes and sprinkles for his magic antlers.  These were fun to make and yummy to eat.


We have made special gifts for our families too. We got to decorate our own Christmas Tree, with lots of glitter and sparkles. To send our wishes especially for you.

We then made a special calendar for you to keep and save our hand prints , so you remember how little we were.

We hope you enjoy looking at our photos to see just how much fun we had.

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Old MacDonald had a Farm

This was such an exciting week for us in Bumblebees, we got to enjoy so many things.

We started by looking inside a special box.  We had to put our hands in and find the animals that were hidden inside.

When we found them we could share them with our friends and if we can talk got to share what they look like with everyone. We had so much fun doing this.

Mrs Milward and Miss Shuttleworth then made something really exciting for everyone to share.  We had a special farm to put all our animals in, The reason it was special was because the walls were made from Weetabix, the ducks had a green jelly pond, the pigs had chocolate mousse mud and the cows and goats enjoyed shreddies and rice crispies .

What was even better we got to taste things while we played.

Later in the week we had a different farm to play in, this was made from straw and grass.

This meant we could hide our animals in the straw and in some houses. This was lots of fun!


Autumn Week


Discovering the Covered Area

Today we joined our friends, the Ladybirds, in our covered area.

We had an exciting time discovering new toys, playing on the piano and creating our own music with our friends.

Some of us were able to develop new skills, which made Mrs Milward and Miss Shuttleworth really excited and happy.

We learnt to climb a ladder by ourselves, to climb over the top of our climbing frame and then to swing by our arms.

We had so much fun and cannot wait to do it all again.


Bonfire Week


What a time we had exploring FIREWORKS.

We learnt that they go bang, crackle, whoosh, and they then explode into lots and lots of colours.

We loved to watch the sky and see so many different shapes and colours appear.

We used what we saw in the sky to create our wonderful pictures using lots of glue and sprinkling lots and lots of glitter. They really brightened up our classroom.

Because it was bonfire night we also got to create two special treats for us to eat.  We were given apples on sticks and then we could swirl and roll them in chocolate and sprinkles.  They tasted so yummy.

For snack one day we got to have our own breadsticks and then to dip these in hot chocolate and sprinkles, these were very crunchy when we ate them.