What a busy few weeks we have had in Bumblebees. 

We have welcomed some new friends, 'HELLO' to you, and learnt lots of new things with them - this has been so much fun.

We have even been able to play in the snow and the hail stones with the Ladybirds, which was so cold but enjoyable.


Having Fun


Chinese New Year

Our last topic has been to look at Chinese New Year. Although we don’t quite understand we still had time to enjoy lots of exciting activities.

We got to watch a Dragon dance which happens at the festival, this was so much fun. We even made our own dragons using lots of glue and glitter (sorry Mrs Woods for the mess) but our dragons were very sparkly, had feathers and we used lollipop sticks so we can make them move too.

Just because we like glitter Miss Shuttleworth and Mrs Milward let us make a dragon mask which we can hide behind and scare our friends.

We also got to use chopsticks, to try to pick up red spaghetti and put it into special bowls, this was quite tricky but lots of fun. We even tried to taste it at times.  But because we wanted to taste things we had lots of different snacks this week. We had egg fried rice, noodles, prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce, vegetable spring rolls and as a party treat waffles and ice cream.

What a really super week we have all had.


Magnificent Machines

Next we got to explore machines, this was so messy as we had lots of paint to drive different vehicles into, then we raced with other friends to make marks on some paper. We also explored small cars outside with the Ladybirds.

We learnt that different cars have different patterns on their tyres, some are big and some are small.  We learnt that wheels are circles, windows can be square or rectangle and other shapes can be found too.  Mrs Milward made us a train from boxes and we got to use more paint to decorate it ourselves - we got to choose the colours too!  The best bit is we could look at machines and play in the water.


Amazing Animals

We started our term by looking at amazing animals and discovering that some like to live in hot countries, and some in cold.

We got to have a touchy feely box to explore and found different animals hiding inside. We even had animals in our special tuff spots that we had to free from the ice using hammers, before we could play with them.  We also had a special ice and water area in the classroom where we got to put our polar bears, penguins and other animals. 
In our home corner we have been looking after our pets and letting them play with us. We have even made special pictures of them using different materials;
these were so soft and fluffy.

All of these activities were so much fun.