I hope that all our parents, grandparents and children will enjoy seeing what we have been learning this last term.  As you can see we have managed to fit in lots and lots of fun activities.

We have sat and listened to stories about pigs, bears and children. From this we have learnt to count on our fingers, what things we like to eat on picnics, use our hands to make lots of fun pictures with different paper and materials. We have explored paint using our hands, fingers, brushes and different toys.  This was so much fun, and we got so messy at the same time. We have been able to cook and have tried porridge - not many of us liked this I’m afraid.  But we did make biscuits, cakes and other things which we enjoyed immensely, and eating them was great! It lets us try new foods with our friends.


We have been able to learn about so many different animals this term.  Some animals are fierce and live on the land, some are fierce but live in the sea, but we still like them.  Then other sorts of other animals are friendly and are full of so many colours and different furs, scales and feathers.  We have so much fun looking at these and been able to play in the water with the sea creatures, on a farm with the farm animals and then make our own places to play with lots of the different animals. We have even tried counting how many we have.


It has also been exciting to play outside in the sunshine.  We have explored our large sand pit and made lots of exciting models, while making lots of new friends.  We have managed to create lots of pictures and gifts for our mums while playing outside.  Catching the paper was also a fun activity and we heard lots of laughter in the garden. It is nice to experiment in different settings. It has been lots of fun to try and catch bubbles, blow bubbles ourselves, kick and throw balls and play hide and seek with our friends in Ladybirds.  Exploring the garden, water play area, sand, grass and bikes is all an exciting learning experience for us and we hope you love all our pictures below...


Easter Stay & Play

Thank you to all parents, grandparents and siblings that came to join us at our Easter Stay and Play session this week. We loved having you back in with us!

Spring Sunshine Fun

Mother's Day

Under the Sea

Traditional Tales

Goldilocks and the Three Bears