WOW!! What a very busy and exciting few weeks we have had.

Cress, Beans and Sunflowers

The Bumblebees have grown cress seeds. We put funny faces on the tubs and placed cotton wool, water and seeds inside.  We waited for it to grow and it looked like our funny faces had funny hair! It was so much fun.

Unfortunately, not many of us liked it when we tasted it.

We have also watched beans grow, inside plastic bags that we stuck to the window in our nursery.

Arthur and Noah were really excited as theirs have grown lots of roots and green shoots.

We enjoyed looking at all the roots that had come from inside a bean.

Outside Fun

When the sun has been shining we have loved to explore our garden with all our friends.

We have watered our potatoes, beans, strawberries and flowers.  These are growing so big we cannot wait to taste them in the future.

We did however enjoy watering each other and splashing in the tubs with ducks and jugs. Our wellies and spare clothes came in very useful on these days.

Bugs in the Garden

Very Hungry Caterpillars

Inside our nursery we have been sitting together to enjoy the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

We looked at all the pictures in the book, but really enjoyed watching the video and shouting out what food we could see him eat. This was very exciting to see.

We have enjoyed making our own caterpillars, some we made from soft pompoms, some we made from card which can bend and move.

We even made magic butterflies! We painted one side, then folded the paper over and used our magic to make the pattern appear on the other side.

Inside Fun with New Friends

We would also like to welcome some new Bumblebees Nellie, Hallie, Noah and Leo.

It has been wonderful to see how well you have settled into nursery, having so much fun and making so many new friends.