The Selfish Crocodile

There has been so much fun going on in Bumblebees over the past few weeks. 

We have made our very own crocodiles with big teeth. 

We made these after watching the story 'The Very Selfish Crocodile', and used them when we sang the nursery rhyme 'Five Little Monkeys Swinging in the Trees'.  This is Hallie’s favourite one at the moment.


We have also made our very own penguins and used them to tell many stories. We love to paint and draw these when in the garden.

Outside Work & Play

We have so much fun in the garden recently, after looking after our potatoes and flowers over the past few weeks we finally got to see how they had grown.  We really enjoyed tipping the bags out and then looking through the compost to find the little potatoes that had grown.  We found lots and lots; however we didn’t really like to eat them when we had the chance.

But we have loved to play in the water, mud kitchen, ride the bikes and generally have so much fun with all of the other Bumblebees and Ladybirds.


We have had lots of fun activities in the nursery too, one has been our very own ice cream parlour.  We got to scoop and put foaming ice cream into cornets and bowls, then add sprinkles.  We loved the feel of the foam and it made lots of sticky mess and bright colours.  However, it did not taste like real ice cream and we couldn’t eat our creations.


We also got to play in gloop, this was so much fun.  It looked wet and was runny, but we could mould it into different shapes and loved to watch it drip through our fingers. When it dried it was like powder but adding water made it go gooey and lasted a long time.

African Necklaces

African Jungle