Description: C:\Users\teacher\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\E0L9Q0TT\Bee[1].gif WELCOME TO BUMBLEBEES

May we WELCOME YOU ALL to Bumblebees, it will be exciting to get to know everyone.

We will be super busy this term getting to know each other, experiencing lots and lots of talking, playing together inside, making wonderful pictures and works of art, exploring our garden area and generally making friends but most of all having lots and lots of fun.

We will experience lots of new things as we explore and play during the day.

May I apologise in advance as this may mean we get mucky, covered in paint, sand, glitter and who knows what else!

With this in mind may I ask for a few items to be included in your bags and labelled with your name, thank you ;-

  1.  Nappies and wipes, if necessary.
  2. A full change of clothes for when you get wet or muddy.
  3. A pair of wellingtons for play outside, as we enjoy muddy puddles and play like Pepper Pig.
  4. A drinks bottle labelled so you can drink throughout the day.

We also ask that you make a donation of £1 per week towards the cost of our snack.

We look forward to meeting everyone and helping you learn as we play each day through our fun activities. 

Please feel free, to ask any questions as they arise to either myself, Mrs Milward or any of the other staff in the unit.


Thank you for your support,

Description: C:\Users\teacher\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\36MYP1BK\bee-705412_960_720[1].png Mrs Milward and Miss Shuttleworth.                     



Parent Letter September 2021