WOW! We are now in our second term, and this means lots more fun, lots more playing and lots and lots of learning!

This term is a very exciting term full of exciting things and lots and lots of sparkle, shiny pieces of crafting and glitter (sorry Mr McDonald).  We will use all our new skills of manipulation with materials, create new and exciting models and make lots of art to share with friends and family.

We will start the term by looking at FIREWORKS and the beautiful patterns of colour they can make in the sky.

We will learn how to enjoy them safely, make our own pictures from paint and glitter and even make a special eatable chocolate sparkler.

With this in mind we will learn 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', and get to make our very own sparkling shiny star to hang on a special tree.

We will also get to read some very special stories about finding stars and how people followed a special star to special stable.


Expressive Art and Design -  Use their imagination as they consider what they can do with different materials, and join in with songs and rhymes, making some sounds.

Physical Develpoment - Express preferences and decisions. They also try new things and start establishing their autonomy.

We will move onto AUTUMN looking at what a special time this is.

What colours can we see, does it smell any different, what textures can we feel and do they sound different.

This will give us a lovely sensory experience, when we play and explore new materials.

Then we will taste what food we can enjoy at this time of year.


Communication and Language - Understand simple questions about ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’ (but generally not ‘why’). 

Understanding the World - Explore materials with different properties. Also explore natural materials, indoors and outside.


We’ll look at animals and what we know about them, what they look and may feel like, where they live and how special they are to us. 

We will then learn what role some animals have in our special Christmas Story.

We will slowly learn our MAGICAL CHRISTMAS STORY.

Who are Mary and Joseph, the wise men and shepherds, who is the special baby that is born?

We will share lots of songs and rhymes together, play musical instruments, dress-up in costumes and get to listen and read many special stories

During this time we re-explore the value of our five senses and how these can be used to explore the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas, by making a special book all about this to share with our family. 

We will also get to experiment more with glitter, materials and crafts to create special gifts to share with friends and family.

.We will create our own special memories of this time with all our new friends, WHAT A JOURNEY WE WILL HAVE.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Express preferences and decisions. They also try new things and start establishing their autonomy. Engage with others through gestures, gaze and talk.

Literacy - Enjoy sharing books with an adult, and pay attention and respond to the pictures or the words.

Maths - React to changes of amount in a group of up to three items, and compare amounts, saying ‘lots’, ‘more’ or ‘same’



Autumn 1 Sept-Oct 


This term will be very exciting for some Bumblebees, as we have never been to nursery before. But don’t worry we will be having lots and lots of fun.

For the first few weeks we will be simply getting to know each other and to find our way around our nursery. PSED Develop friendships with other children.


We will then be ready to draw a picture of ourselves, learning how many eyes we have, where our ears are, etc.

We will also have a picture of ourselves and create our very own interpretation of it using different kinds of materials. Physical Development, Develop manipulation and control, and Explore different materials and tools.


We will, with the help of our friends and any pictures we receive, talk or gesture to each other how many brothers or sisters we have, who lives in our homes and how many grandparents we have. Understanding the World - Listen to simple stories and understand what is happening, with the help of the pictures. Communication and Language - Make connections between the features of their family and other families.


During this time we will also discuss how special and how 'SUPER ME' we are, by discovering what we can do for ourselves. PSED - Establish their sense of self.


We will also discover all the things we can do from running and jumping, to drinking and eating together at snack and then just how amazing we and our friends are. Physical Development - Walk, run, jump and climb and start to use the stairs independently.

For our last week of term we will look at a special event called HARVEST.

In this week we will learn all about the foods and drinks we need to make us SUPER ME, and where we can find all these exciting things.

We will learn the nursery rhyme ‘Old McDonald had a farm’.

We will get to play in a special eatable farm where the whole farm will be made from food we can eat as well as play with.

This will give us a lovely sensory experience, as well as discovering how new textures feel when we play and explore.

 Expressive Art and Design - Use their imagination as they consider what they can do with different materials, join in with songs and rhymes, making some sounds.