Christmas Crafts


Awesome Autumn

In our ‘Awesome Autumn’ theme, we looked at all the changes that happen during autumn.

We learned about hibernating animals and looked for all the signs that are happening outdoors.

Look at us taking part in our autumn walk, making some autumn leaf rubbings and making a hedgehog out of play dough.


Bonfire Night

This week we have loved learning about Bonfire Night! We have looked at the colours we see, the shapes the fireworks make and the loud noises they make.

We have also looked at how to keep ourselves safe when at a Bonfire event.

We have made some fantastic Bonfire related crafts. We made:-

  • Made firework pictures using cotton buds to spot.
  • Firework scenes in the play dough
  • Breadstick sparklers for our snack


Listening Walk

Today we went on a listening walk.

We went around the school listening for the different sounds we could hear.

We could hear children playing, teachers teaching and lots more amazing sounds around our school.


Chocolate Apples