Year of the Tiger

This week is the start of the Chinese New Year.

We know that in China, people celebrate by making lanterns and they sweep the bad luck out by spring cleaning their houses.

We made some lanterns of our own.

This was very sticky.

We also read the story of the Jade Emperor and how he asked the animals to race.



This week we have been learning all about different forms of transport.

We have made a train out of a cardboard box and sorted transport into vehicles

 that can fly, sail and ones that use tracks.


Exploring Ice

As part of our ‘Amazing Animals’ theme, we looked at animals from cold countries.

We looked at what animals live there and what it is like in cold countries. As part of this, we explored ice and how it melts. The children experimented with cold water, warm water and salt to see which made the ice melt the quickest.

They also used tools to rescue the animals stuck in the ice.


New Year P.E.

Today we did our first PE lesson of the New Year.

We did some rolling, catching, running and some jumping. We also did some animal yoga in the afternoon.