Welcome to Butterflies!

Description: Red Admiral (upperwing) - Iain Leach Description: Common Blue Butterfly: Identification, Facts, & Pictures

Class Teachers: Miss Noon and Mr Dawe

Teaching Assistants: Miss Hulme and Mrs Breheny


We are very excited for the very busy and eventful year ahead in Butterflies, and we are looking forward to working with you and your child for a fun and successful Reception Year.


Although we are split into two classes (Red Admiral with Mr Dawe/Miss Hulme and Holy Blue with Miss Noon/Mrs Breheny) we will spend a lot of time working and playing together, with both classes mirroring each other’s learning.

 Class webpage


Here on our class page you will find our Curriculum map which shows what we will be learning about throughout the year, as well as a section about each half term.

Our page will be regularly updated throughout each half term with information and photographs to show you the exciting things we have been learning about.



Description: 176 Book Flying Butterfly Reading Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free  Images - iStock

Reading will link to our new English scheme, Read Write Inc. More details to follow.



Description: The Irvington Soccer Dad | Portland Monthly


Our P.E sessions will be on Thursdays. This session will be taught by a specialist coach. A second weekly P.E. session will be added later in the year, but for the moment we will be promoting physical development in a less formal way within our daily routine.

Please ensure children have their P.E kit in for all P.E sessions.

Parents must provide a note / speak to school if their child is unable to do P.E, otherwise children will be expected to join in.

Children should bring in plasters to cover earrings if they are unable to remove them for lessons


Supporting at home

Please encourage counting and number recognition where possible.

Allow you children the opportunity to explore mark making.

Try to read a wide range of age-appropriate books to you children. It is good practice to reread a range of books too.

Challenge your child’s use of language and sentence structure.