PE - Apparatus


Design Technology: Making Pouches

We have worked really hard this term to develop our sewing skills to make our own pouches. We’ve made our own templates; pinned the template to our fabric; cut the fabric; joined the pieces by sewing them together and decorated them. We then used our newly learned skills to make our own Christmas stocking tree decorations.

Check out our gallery- we think they look fab!


Theme: Gunpowder Plot Hot Seating


Computing: Presentations and Typing

We have been working really hard during our computing sessions to develop our typing skills. We are completing our own PowerPoint presentations and will soon learn to import images from the internet to make our presentations more interesting.


Science: Animals including Humans

Our Science topic for this half term is ‘Animals including Humans’. We have been learning about different animal groups – birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and fish. We sorted animals into those groups and learned about the differences between them.

We have also learned about animals and their offspring. We matched a variety of animal adults from the different animal groups to their offspring and talked about how some animal offspring look like their adults and others don’t.

We then looked at a variety of life cycles and compared them. We worked as a group to make the life cycles for a butterfly, hen, frog and human.