What we are Learning in Autumn 2 Nov-Dec



In computing, the children will explore rainforests through new Virtual Reality (VR) apps.

They will also create their own interactive learning games for younger children to play.


In music, we will be learning about the language of music through playing the glockenspiel. 

The learning is focused around exploring and developing playing skills through the glockenspiel with the opportunity to use and begin to read notated music.



Autumn 1 Sept-Oct



This term with Mrs Warrington, we will be listening to and recognising the nouns for common classroom objects in Spanish.

We will be talking and writing in Spanish about the items that can be found in a pencil case.  



In Music we will be exploring the genre of R&B focusing around one song: Let Your Spirit Fly.

We will look at the dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc), sing and play instruments.