Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Easter Reflections:

During our Easter reflections week we completed several different tasks.

When looking at the events of palm Sunday we learnt about the joy that everyone experienced as Jesus entered Jerusalem. We then discussed what brought us joy and excitement and recorded these experiences on a palm leaf. We then hung our palm leaf up in the values walk with the other classes. The values walk became a lovely reflection space to look at all the moments when people have felt joy and excitement.

Palm Leaves

When then looked at the events of Maundy Thursday. In particular focusing on The Last Supper. We discussed how Jesus spent his last meal celebrating with his disciples, his companions, his closest friends. We then reflected and discussed who our companions are and the people who are really important to us. We then made a pipe cleaner friend which symbolised the people who we would invite to our last supper. We wrote a prayer thanking God for them.

Pipe Cleaner Friends

Following this we focused on the events that happened in the Garden of Gethsemane. We watched a video clip which re-enacted the scene where Jesus asks God for help. We then created our own class prayer garden and wrote a prayer asking God for help on a lolly-pop stick which we then planted in our garden.

Garden of Gethsemane

As we continued through Easter reflections week we learnt about the events that took place when Jesus was taken to Pontius Pilate. We learnt about how Jesus’ trial was not fair and how he had been falsely accused and found guilty. We thought of things that are not fair in the world and recorded them on a strand of paper which then formed a paper chain. Once we had made our paper chain we prayed to God asking him to put these things right and then  broke the chain.

Not Fair Paperchain

When we learnt about how the Roman soldiers treated Jesus and forced him to carry the heavy cross on his back, we reflected on how scared Jesus must have felt. We discussed how our feels can feel heavy on our backs. We thought about the things that we can get worried about in life and recorded these on a paper cross and prayed to ask God if he could help us carry them.

When we looked at the events that took place in Good Friday we learnt that Jesus washed away our sins. We then thought about the things that we wanted to say sorry for. We thought about these things as we drew the word sorry on our pebble in chalk. We then held the stone and prayed quietly before washing our stone clean with water. We watched how the things we were sorry for had been washed away by the water.

Sorry Stones

Finally we finished our reflections by focusing on the events of victory on Easter Sunday. We learnt that sometimes God changes a situation in amazing ways, like raising Jesus from the dead. (Mark 16: 6-7). We then thought about situations that we hope will change. For each thing we hoped for, we took a piece of ribbon and held it for a moment as we prayed. We then tied the ribbon to a branch in the values walk.  We then looked at the message that Jesus told his disciples when he came back to life which was to encourage them to share the message of making the world a better place. We thought about the things in the world that don’t seem right and what we could do to make it a better place. We recorded these things on love hearts then stuck them onto a world map.