Science - Making Microorganisms

Once the children had become familiar with the characteristics of microorganisms, they began to think about how they could design and make their own. The children selected whether they were going to make a eukaryote or prokaryote microorganism and what the features were of these.


PE – Striking and Fielding

The children have been enjoying our PE lessons with WLSSP, here are some pictures of the children learning how to bat accurately. 



English Text Mapping

Focusing on the Prologue, the children were able to select key information and draw small images to create their own text map. The children were able to retell the events accurately using their images to support them.


Maths -  Problem Solving

It was fantastic to see the children working collaboratively on a number of challenging problems. The children were able to use their knowledge of multiplication, as well as addition and subtraction, to solve reasoning problems. They supported each other and shared thoughts and ideas to solve the problem.



Values Week


Maths – Comparing Numbers up to 10,000,000.


The children enjoyed playing a fun Maths game that allowed them to explore and compare numbers up to 10,000,000.

The children took it in turns to select digits and where they wanted to place them, once they had created their number they used the skill of comparison to see who was the winner!

Science – Classifying Animals


The children took on the role of taxonomists as they explored different ways to classify animals. The children were asked to help a new, local zoo by classifying animals and giving reasons for this. The children chose fantastic titles to help them classify the animals, such as:

  • Does the animal have fur?
  • Is the animal a carnivore?
  • Does the animal have more than 2 legs?
  • Can the animal survive on land?

English – Freeze–Frames based on a prologue.


After reading 'The Nowhere Emporium' prologue, the children were each given a small section to create a still freeze–frame to show the events.

After this, the children were given three things to think about:

  • What character are you?
  • What is happening around you?
  • How are you feeling?