Description: File:Flag map of Romania.svgDescription: File:Flag map of Romania.svgLanguage Celebration Day



The children had a brilliant day learning all about Romania! They took part in a Romanian folk dance class and made garlic soup. The children learnt lots of information about the history and culture of Romania and made their own fact files about the country. In the afternoon, the children enjoyed learning different stitches to create patterns that were similar to the Romanian embroidery.


DT – Steady Hand Games

As the children have been focussing on electricity in Science, they have extended their skills beyond and used this to create a simple circuit in a ‘steady hand game’.

They began by designing their game, they had to decide what shape the wire would take, some children chose flowers, people, clouds and hearts. Once they were happy with their game, they designed a background and box for their circuit to be hidden inside.


Then they began by manipulating the wire into shape, lots of the children found this challenging.

After this, they created their background and cuboid net before attaching it all together.

Finally, they created the circuit and clipped it to the wire.

Their games were so much fun to play!



Language Celebration Day - Poland



Our Language Celebration Day took us to Poland!

We baked white chocolate blondies – they tasted delicious.

We made fact files by gathering information about Poland.

We visited the food market and tried all of the Polish food that the other classes had made.


Science – Electricity

The children explored the question – Does the voltage change the brightness of the bulb?