Down Memory Lane

The whole school took part in a 'Down Memory Lane' theme during the academic year 2017-2018, to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

Classes took turns to travel back through the decades and each performed an assembly for the other classes and their parents. 

Each class explored their decade by looking at world events and significant changes at Bishop Martin. They also enjoyed finding out about music, art, fashion and sport.


The Noughties

Year 1 Rabbits began our time travelling journey by visiting the noughties and exploring what life was like only ten years ago, when Mrs Gray became our headteacher.

They performed their own version of 'I've got a feeling' and showed off their dancing skills!


The Nineties

Next, Year 2 Owls shared the sporting triumphs of the nineties and reminded us about the school's Silver Jubilee celebrations that took place in 1993.


The Eighties

The Year 3 children in Giraffes Class had a great time performing their favourite songs from the 80's and raised the roof with their rendition of 'Living on a Prayer' by Bon Jovi.

They were very shocked to find out that if children were naughty in school the teachers could smack them! They think our 'Good to be Green' system is much better.


The Seventies

Year 4 Koalas showed us some of the crazy fashions and wild dance moves from the seventies, while performing a fantastic puppet show.

At Bishop Martin in the seventies the children loved watching puppet shows and were inspired to make their own puppets and perform their own shows!


The Sixties

Tigers Class, with the help of Dr Who, took us all the way back to the sixties.

They told us all about the origins of Bishop Martin Primary School; showed us all the artefacts they had explored; sang 'Help!' by The Beatles and gave a very energetic display of a variety of dance moves that were popular in the sixties.

Maybe the original pupils and staff danced The Monkey and The Watusi at their Christmas parties? We will have to ask them!



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