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At Bishop Martin we intend to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils, regardless of ability or background. Our school motto, ‘Learning Together, Growing in Faith’ encompasses everything we want our pupils to get out of their learning and time in school:

  • To understand the awe and wonder of God’s love and aspiration for them to succeed in life
  • To instil in every child a lifelong love of learning that will equip them to succeed in an ever-changing modern world.
  • To encourage them to fully engage in the learning process so that they ‘take ownership’ of their learning.

Through a faith-based perspective, the Bishop Martin curriculum underpins our Core Christian school values of: Kindness, Trust, Love, Hope and Respect. The RE and PSHE syllabus teaches the principles of these values while the rest of the curriculum demonstrates how those principles can be applied in all contexts and subjects.

Underpinning all our work at Bishop Martin is an understanding of what it means to be British. The values of Democracy, the Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with Different Faiths and Beliefs define us both as a nation and a school community of those core principles that we cherish and hold onto.

We deliver our curriculum through a mixture of theme-based learning and subjects taught on their own (Discrete Teaching/Learning). Through these themes (which can be any length from 1 week to a whole half-term), subject content, knowledge and vocabulary are explored in depth and within a context the children can identify.

Subject Leaders have taken ownership of their curriculum areas by developing the following:

1. Milestone Documents: Indicating clearly how we know when a pupil has achieved key learning stages in their development

2. Vocabulary and Content Documents: Outlining with complete clarity, the expectations of both subject content and taught vocabulary across every subject and at every stage of development.

We call this 'Thinking Vertically' (running from Reception up to Year 6)

Teachers then take these documents and plan the delivery of that content, to reach each milestone, over the course of the academic year, using the following:

1. Curriculum Maps and Overviews: Covering the whole academic year and all subjects

2. Knowledge Organisers: Covering specific learning sequences across specific subjects

We call this 'Thinking Horizontally' (running through the academic year)


Whole School Curriculum Overview 2022-2023


If you require paper copies of our curriculum information, please ask a member of office staff and this can be provided free of charge.