School meals

Dinner money is collected on Monday mornings. With younger children money should be sent in a sealed and named envelope or purse. 
Money envelopes are available from the school office (10 @ 30p).

Online Payment

Dinner money can be paid on line at or via the Teachers2Parents App

Click here for the parents guide.

Children in years reception one and two are entitled to universal free school meals and do not have to pay.

If you believe your child may be entitled to free school meals, then please apply to the Local Education Authority using the form below. The school office staff can help with this if you are unsure.

Free School Meals New Reception Only Application Form: Click here to access the form.

Free School Meals Application Form: Click here to access the form.

If your child is bringing sandwiches for lunch please ensure that all drinks are in a plastic container – no glass bottles or breakable flasks please. 

National fruit scheme

Our school is eligible to receive free fruit daily for Infants, as part of the National School Fruit Scheme. The children are given apples, bananas, pears or oranges. 

This is a major government initiative aimed at improving the diets of children.

The School also recognises the importance of fruit for all children and therefore provides fruit for the Junior children also. 

School milk

Milk is provided for Nursery / Reception children daily.