Here at Bishop Martin C.E. Primary School, we are proud to welcome families from a wealth of different cultures and backgrounds and we greatly value the rich diversity of our school community.


What is EAL?


EAL means English as an Additional Language and is the term used to describe those children who are learning English. EAL learners also include those who were born and raised in the UK speaking a language other than English. Here at Bishop Martin, the most common first languages spoken by EAL learners include Polish, Latvian and Romanian; we do however have a growing number of different languages spoken across our school.


Most classes in our school have EAL learners in them. As with other groups of learners, our teachers adapt their lessons to make sure that all learners can get the most out of lessons. They do this by involving learners in activities where the language is challenging but appropriate to their abilities and interests.


EAL Information