In order to achieve everything of which they are capable, children need to be in school, on time, every day.
As part of our commitment to helping every child at Bishop Martin achieve their potential, we review each child’s attendance each term.
We issue every child with a colour coded letter. Each attendance letter is printed on the colour, which matches your child’s current level of attendance.

  • Green  Indicates attendance over 96% which is in line with current school targets and gives your child the best chance of success in school. Every child who completes the school year at this green stage will receive an attendance prize.
  • Amber Indicates attendance between 91% and 96%. This causes some concern as your child could not be getting the most out of school and their progress could be affected.
  • Red Indicates attendance less than 91%. This is a serious cause for concern and your child’s education is being seriously affected.

We appreciate in school that some pupil’s absence is due to illness or holidays, however we feel it is important to make parents aware that the level of absences could impact on their child’s education and performance in school.

As part of the School’s Attendance Policy, we regularly monitor every pupil’s attendance.

If you would like to discuss any issues regarding your child’s attendance or punctuality, please do not hesitate to contact our school Learning Mentor or your child’s class teacher at school.

Important Changes from September 2015
Pupils that have more than 19 days absent, either authorised or unauthorised throughout the whole school year will be classed as ‘Persistent Absentees’. This is classed at 90% attendance.


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Attendance Rewards

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