Pastoral Team

Our Pastoral Team are here to support, encourage both pupils and families, to overcome challenges, maintain safety, well-being and inclusive needs of our pupils.

In difficult and demanding times such as a critical illness, hardship or other traumas in life, we may experience high stress, reducing our ability to cope.  This can impact on our children and their emotional well-being as well as their learning.  At these times the help of others may be very valuable. Family members and friends are often a very important support, but sometimes the presence of a person who is more emotionally detached from the situation can be very helpful.  At Bishop Martin, we have a dedicated Pastoral Team consisting of:

Mrs Barron (Headteacher) 

Mrs Warrington (Deputy Headteacher and Safeguarding Leader)

Mrs Hewitt (Assistant Headteacher, SENCO, Inclusion Manager and Deputy Safeguarding Leader)

Miss Johnson (EYFS Lead and Deputy Safeguarding Leader)

Miss McKnight (Learning Mentor)

Miss Williams (Medicine management)


The Pastoral Team meet regularly to ensure that we are providing timely and appropriate support for our children and families in times of need.

Our aim is to:

  • Provide an environment which will support the emotional health and well-being of all the pupils.
  • Support children in developing social, emotional and behavioural skills within the school setting.
  • Support and empower families who may be experiencing difficulties.
  • Promote relationships and interactivity between parents and school, raising parental awareness of learning, the importance of education and regular attendance at school.
  • Meet with parents to discuss and defuse any barriers that prevent pupils from being able to attend school.
  • Providing individual and small group support for children.
  • Helping to develop children’s social, emotional and behavioural skills.