A Special Visit! 

Reception and Nursery had a special visitor today! Jingles the elf came all the way from the North Pole!

It’s a Baby!

Look at us all dressed for our nativity performance of ‘It’s a Baby’.




Over the past week the Bumblebees have been enjoying many activities in the nursery.

We started the week by looking in ‘Our Secret Box’

The children were encouraged to open the box and look inside.  We discovered lots of animals and items linked to harvest. We talked about all the animals we found, cows, sheep, pigs and chickens.  What noises do the animals make, are they small or large, what colour are they and do we like them.

We then took these animals to our ‘Edible Farm’.  We had Weetabix for the fences, porridge for a field, shredded wheat for the other field, rice krispies and wheaties for the farm yard, angel delight chocolate for the pig mud bath and banana flavour for our pond.  We had so much fun playing and eating the various sections of our farm.












Our secret box was then filled with various vegetables and as we pulled them out we tried to tell each other what the vegetable were, and did we like to eat them?  If we were still not sure we got to sit with a member of staff and taste each of the vegetables.



What was also exciting was the fact we got to taste many different kinds of bread, sourdough, pretzel, tiger bread, wraps and seeded bread. Some of them we liked others not so.