Summer 2 June- July


We are going to look at toys that we love to play with, and then what toys did our parents or grandparents play with?

We will discover are they the same, different, better, funny and which ones do we like the best?

We will have a few exciting books to read and look at, and we would also like you to bring in your favourite Teddy Bear for a picnic.







We will discover what is at the seaside, or what can we do while there? What happens in the summer time do we wear or do things differently?  We will also look at the different countries in the world have we been lucky to travel to any that we can remember?

It will give us lots to talk about.


I’m sorry that I shall not be there to see all this, but I am sure Miss Richardson, Mrs Brehney, Miss Johnson and Mrs O’Callaghan will ensure its amazing, have FUN!!!!!!




Identify familiar objects and properties for practitioners when they are described: for example: ‘Katie’s coat’, ‘blue car’, ‘shiny apple’.

Understand and act on longer sentences like ‘make teddy jump’ or ‘find your coat’.

Understand simple questions about ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’

Start to develop conversation, often jumping from topic to topic.


Ask questions about the book. Make comments and shares their own ideas.

Develop play around favourite stories using props.

Add some marks to their drawings, which they give meaning to. For example: “That says mummy.”


Make connections between the features of their family and other families

Explore and respond to different natural Phenomena EG visiting the beach and exploring the sand, pebbles and paddling in the sea


Explore paint, using fingers and other parts of their bodies as well as brushes and other tools.

Express ideas and feelings through making marks, and sometimes give a meaning to the marks they make.

Use their imagination as they consider what they can do with different materials.

Make simple models which express their ideas.



What We are Reading




Summer One- April-May





What an exciting time we have planned for everyone this term.  We have so many things for us to enjoy, both inside nursery and in the garden.

Not only will you be growing in size but also in your experiences and knowledge. We will be experimenting with different things, watching videos and reading lots and lots of books and showing you how flowers and vegetables grown from seed.

We will need you to get your hands dirty in the garden by planting flowers, vegetables and seeds, then giving them food and water to help them  grow.

You will need to draw, paint and create pictures and things of what you have learnt and seen to show your family.

Some of the things we will do are;-

  • create Cress heads        
  • Grow Sunflowers, potatoes,

    Carrots, strawberries and tomatoes 




Learn what the life cycle of the Butterfly is, how it starts what happens and how a Butterfly appears. You will also be able to create your own beautiful butterfly.


 Use that engagement to achieve a goal.

Feel strong enough to express a range of emotions.

Grow in independence

Notice and ask questions about differences,

Communication and language

Listen and respond to a simple instruction

Understand simple instructions like “give to nanny”

Recognise and point to objects if asked about them.

Understand and act on longer sentences

Understand simple questions about ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’ (but generally not ‘why’).

Understanding the World

Explore natural materials, indoors and outside.

Explore and respond to different natural phenomena in their setting and              on trips.


Enjoy sharing books with an adult.

Pay attention and respond to the pictures or the words.

Enjoy drawing freely.

Physical Development  

manipulation and control.

Explore different materials and tools.

What We are Reading





Spring Two- Feb-March

Spring One- Jan-Feb


Welcome back for a new term, we have so much planned for us to learn and explore. We are going to expand our vocabulary by learning new words, and how to talk to each other. Discover things about animals, people and other countries that we maybe didn’t know, or that we can share with others. we will also explore our nursery and garden enjoying playing and learning together and developing how we do do things so that we grow and learn.



We will be looking at many kinds of animals, those that live in the cold snowy countries, those who live in very hot and sunny countries.  But those animals that we already know about and live where we live, and maybe even in our homes, we can share with everyone we know.

Communication and Language  Listen to simple stories and understand what is happening, with the help of the pictures.

ALSO Understand ‘why’ questions, like: “Why do you think the caterpillar got so fat?”

PSED Express their preferences and decisions, also try new things and start establishing their autonomy.

LITERACY Develop play around favourite stories using props.



This is going to be fun, we will see and look at many different people who we may already know but help us in many different ways.  We will also discover lots of people who may not have met but who help other children if they need them.

We will even get to dress up as many of these people which will be fun.

EAD Start to develop pretend play, pretending that one object represents another. For example, a child holds a wooden block to her ear and pretends it’s a phone.

PHYSICAL  Use large and small motor skills to do things independently,

ALSO Choose the right resources to carry out their own plan. For example, choosing a spade to enlarge a small hole they dug with a trowel.

UTW  Show interest in different occupations.



Wow! This will be a super time.  We will get to experience how other people celebrate an important time in their culture.  We will see what is special to them, how they celebrate with family and what fun they have at a special time.

We will have the chance to try new food, make new pictures, dress up and see new things that we may not have seen before.  We will also learn about another country.


UTW  Make connections between the features of their family and other families.  ALSO  Notice differences between people.

LITERACY Enjoy drawing freely.

MATHS Say one number for each item in order: 1,2,3,4,5.

ALSO Create closed shapes with continuous lines, and begin to use these shapes to represent objects.

EAD Explore different materials freely, in order to develop their ideas about how to use them and what to make.


Autumn 2 Oct-Dec


Autumn 1 Sept-Oct



This term will be very exciting for some Bumblebees, as we have never been to nursery before. But don’t worry we will be having lots and lots of fun.


For the first few weeks we will be simply be getting to know each other and to find our way around our nursery.           

PSED Develop friendships with other children and

Play with increasing confidence on their own and with other children,



We will then be ready to draw a picture of ourselves, learning how many eyes we have, where are our ears etc. We will also have a picture of ourselves and create our very own interpretation of it using different kinds of materials. 


Physical Development   Develop manipulation and control, and    Explore different materials and tools.

Maths Develop counting-like behaviour, such as making sounds, pointing or saying some numbers in sequence.




 We will, with the help of our friends look at books and any pictures we     receive,  then talk or gesture to each other how many brothers or     sisters we have, who lives in our homes and how many grandparents do   we have.


 Communication and Language  Listen to simple stories and understand   what is happening, with the help of the pictures. 

 AND Start to develop conversation, often jumping from topic to topic

 Understanding the world  Make connections between the features of   their family and other families

AND  Notice differences between people






During this time we will also discuss how SPECIAL and how SUPER WE are, by discovering what we can do for ourselves 

PSED  Establish their sense of self.

We will also discover all the things we can do from running and jumping, to drinking and eating together at snack and then just how amazing we and our friends are. 

Physical Development   Walk, run, jump and climb – and start to use the stairs independently


For our last week of term we will look at a special event called HARVEST. In this week we will learn all about the foods and drinks we need to make us SUPER ME, and where we can find all these exciting things.






We will learn the nursery rhyme ‘Old McDonald had a farm’.

We will get to play in a special eatable farm where the

whole farm will be made from food we can eat as well as

play with. This will give us a lovely sensory experience,

as well as discovering how new textures feel when we play

and explore. 

Expressive Art and Design  Use their imagination as they consider what they can do with different materials

Literacy  Join in with songs and rhymes, copying sounds, rhythms, tunes and tempo.

AND Say some of the words in songs and rhymes