We have had so much fun in the last two weeks.  We have joined the Ladybirds in looking for pirate treasure, pretended to be pirates and taken part in many pirate activities

Mother’s Day

We definitely enjoyed painting with our fingers to make our mums a special gift to tell them how much WE love them.


We have been looking at Traditional Tales over the last few weeks.

We started with the Three Little Pigs and 'Huffed and Puffed just like the wolf'

We pretended to be the characters and had fun creating our own wolf's.


Using the story of Goldilocks we joined our friends in Ladybirds and made our own porridge for snack.

We got to make it together and then when it was cooked add jam, honey or currants. However, Hallie said' It still tastes yucky'


Our next story was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We had so much to learn with this story, how we should always ask before taking things, 

how we should share and play together, and then how to count items and place then in order of size.


  World Book Day  

We really loved dressing up for world book day. We had so much fun with our friends.


Pancake Day

Look at us making our own pancakes! We mixed ingredients, flipped our pancake and picked our own toppings.


Welcome Back!

Welcome back after our Christmas break, we hope that you had a wonderful time. We are sorry to see some Bumblebees move to the Ladybirds but I am sure you will continue to have so much fun, and we still get to see you each day.

It has been exciting to welcome some new Bumblebees after Christmas and to see that you have settled in so well. You have all made lots of friends, joined in our activities and have learnt our routines ever so quickly. We are looking forward to spending lots of fun time together. You have spent no time at all getting to explore our nursery both inside and outside.










Snow Day!  

We had lots of fun when we had snow in our garden!




     Dragon Dance    

During the Chinese New Year celebrations, we looked at the Dragon dances they do in the streets and had a go at creating our very own with our friends creating the music with instruments for us.



     People Who Help Us