Toys Old and New   

We looked and explored some old toys from the past and because one of our favourite toys to play with are dinosaurs we look at Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs.




What a very busy few weeks we have had, as you can see by our pictures. There has been lots of special things planned by our helpers, but they have also allowed us to play.  We have explored the inside and the gardens, got mucky, wet and dirty BUT what fun we have had. All of us have played together and made many new friends, we are looking forward to a small holiday and then learning lots of new things.  





We have been looking at special people in our lives, most of us say our family is the most special people in our lives. However, we have now realised that Police persons, Fire officers, Rescue services, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Dentist and other people who help us are also special.

We made bracelets for the people we thought were special.





This week we have had so much fun learning all about



We have watched some things on the TV which showed us lots of different bugs, then we watched the life cycle of a butterfly.  This was so fascinating and we had to watch it more than once. We all then tried to remember the order and made a life cycle ourselves.

The most exciting job though was going into the garden to turn stones and rocks over to find our very own BUGS!

This was so much fun.

However, we had a special treat and a man came in with lots of different mini beasts. We got to stroke a snake and snail, say high 5 to a tarantula, and look at a giant cock roach.




  Watch Me Grow  


We have had an exciting time playing with mud.  But this is so we can grow our very own sunflowers. We looked at the seed and then put mud in our cups and pushed the seed in.  We have grown two sunflowers one for home and one for school.


After this we planted beans in a bag.  We put our beans in, got to squirt water into the bag and then put it on the window to see if it will grow.  It’s so exciting waiting for them to grow.



We have also looked at fruit and vegetables. We are very clever and can say which is a carrot and which is an apple.

We also told each other which we like to eat and those that are Yucky, and we drew the ones we like to eat.

We have also planted some potatoes, tomatoes and peas in our garden so we can grow and eat them in the summer.



 The King’s Coronation 


What a very exciting time we had for the King’s coronation, as we got to do our favourite activities painting and glittering.

We learnt about our new King and that he will wear a crown, so we designed our own crowns with lots of glitter and shiny jewels. We also got to learn the colours of our British flag called the Union Jack and we painted our very own using our fingers.  This was great as we got so mucky and painted lots and lots of flags.

The very best event was our party, we all dressed up and went into the hall to play and dance. We wore our crowns and played with the Ladybirds.  We then got to sit together and had our very own picnic with cakes, sandwiches and crisp. This was such a good day.