A Special Visit!

Reception and Nursery had a special visitor today! Jingles the elf came all the way from the North Pole!


It’s a Baby!

Look at us all dressed for our nativity performance of ‘It’s a Baby’.


 Bonfire Night 

We looked at Bonfire night and why we celebrate it.

 We created our own bonfires.

 We drew our own firework pictures

 We made fruit rockets and chocolate apples


For our Harvest week celebration, we looked at the foods that are harvested, why we celebrate Harvest and what we can do at Harvest to help others.

  We watched how the farmers harvest their crops; make flour and then how flour is used to make bread. We then tasted lots of yummy types of bread.

   We tasted lots of vegetable that are harvested at this time and then used them to print with.

   We made thank you cards for God to say thank you for our world and all the food that grows.

   Values Week    

In values week, we looked at all our values and thought about what they mean. We drew all the people we LOVE, We said how we could RESPECT God's world and we looked at how we can show KINDNESS with out hands.

We also used TRUST to get our friends across the bridghe blind folded and lastly we said what we HOPE to be when we grow up.


Look at all the fun we had in our

first week in Ladybirds!

We had lots of fun in our first week in Nursery, exploring the indoors and outdoors.