Toys Old and New  

We looked and explored some old toys and drew what our favourite toy is at now.



   Watch Me Grow  



As we looked at other things in the garden, we looked at who lives there. We looked at the bugs in our garden on our bug hunt, we made model bugs and had a visit from the amazing Creepy Crawley show.


Growing Sunflowers

To start our theme ‘Watch me Grow’, we planted our very own sunflower seed so we can look after it and give it all it needs to grow and still alive. We also looked at different sized sunflowers and ordered them from shortest to tallest.



We looked at the story Oliver's vegetables and then tasted all different vegetables. We also looked at the differences between fruit and vegetables and sorted them.


The Kings Coronation

We had a fantastic time celebrating the king’s coronation. We made our own royal crowns and flags to fly at our own coronation picnic.


Easter Reflections


As part of our Easter reflections, we looked at the Easter story. We looked at Palm Sunday and used our cutting skills to create palm leave, we looked at the last summer and re-enacted the story washing feet, eating bread and drinking wine (Blackcurrant juice), then lastly we re-told the Easter story and went on an Easter egg hunt to find the clues and match them to parts of the story.