Pirate Blackbeard Locker

We had a special visit from Pirate Blackbeard Locker who informed us that he had lost some treasure in our garden. We asked lots of questions and found out he had seen a mermaid! Later we went into our garden to find all his lost treasure. Ah haa me harteys!!

Float or Sink

The Butterflies all created there own pirate ship today using a variety of recycled resources. These were created completely independently and then tested to see if they would float or sink.

Pirates: Life on the Ocean Waves

Our theme this week is Pirates. The children have had lots of fun dressing up and pretending to be Pirates. We have also created our own Pirate hats.



During P.E the children have been travelling into space. They had to place on their space suits and collect stars from the sky.

They then had to move around the room and negotiate space effectively. We also showed our jumping, hopping and skipping skills.



Science Week

The Butterflies had a fabulous time during Science Week. We learnt about Archimedes and completed a simple experiment from the fable The Crow and the Pitcher. We placed a feather with water in a measuring cylinder and asked children how we could raise the water for the parrot to reach his feather. The children quickly learned that as you add more stones to the cylinder the water rises.

The Butterflies also visited Mr Dawes classroom where we observed and took part in a variety of different experiments.

              The Three Billy Goats Gruff.


Today we created a musical to the Three Billy Goats Gruff story. The children had a chance to choose instruments for the different characters and also instruments to represent the river and trip trapping over the bridge.

We used triangles, rain makers, tambourines and drums.


                            Chinese New Year

This week we celebrated Chinese New Year. We ate in a Chinese restaurant and we learnt all about the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac through the story The Great Race.

We finished the week recreating a lion/dragon dance and a delicious Chinese banquet. Some children even tried using chopsticks.


Butterflies Christmas Party Time

Butterflies enjoyed the last week before Christmas. We danced, created art and played games. Some children received an extra treat for Shining Bright where they made marshmallow snowmen.

The Elf said goodbye and thanked the class for showing him how to follow our school vales. He left us with a huge sponge cake to say Thank You.