Palm Sunday

Teddy Bears Picnic

The butterflies enjoyed a fabulous Teddy Bears Picnic and fortunately the sun was shining. We all brought in our favourite teddy and ate lots of yummy food outside. We also finished with jelly and ice cream and of course a water balloons fight!

The Butterflies looked at the different parts of the Easter Story . We began by reading all about Palm Sunday and how Jesus travelled to Jerusalem on his donkey.

The children created palm leaves and rein acted the scene of the crowds gathered when Jesus entered Jerusalem.


Palm Sunday


Watch Me Grow

During this term we are learning all about growing.

We read The Enormous Turnip and talked about the factors needed to grow a plant/flower.

We then placed our own bean in a bag to observe the changes that happened over a period of time.



Coronation Lunch

We all celebrated King Charles coronation by having a special lunch together. We all created our very own regal crown and designed a place mat.