Sports' Day

Despite the rain, Grey Rabbits still had lots of fun during our 'indoor sports' day'.

Making Robots

To finish our English and Computing units linked to Robots, children had lots of fun designing and making their own robots


The children in Y1 created a line drawing by arranging pieces of string to create different shapes then draw these from observation, using pencils and chalk, inspired by the artist Bridget Riley. 

Inspired by water and the artwork of Zaria Forman, the children continued to explore lines but in a more expressive way. They used music to draw lines and marks that reflect their response to what they heard, creating a large collaborative piece. 

The children then used the work of Kandinsky to inspire them to create their own art work using different shapes and contrasting colours. 

Wassily Kandinsky — 610 artworks, biography, books, quotes, articles

We did some fantastic animal observational drawings! 

Maths- Mass

The children really enjoyed sorting objects into 'heavy' and 'light'. 

We then used scales to compare the mass of two objects. 

The children then measured mass using different 'units'. How many cubes were needed to balance the scales? We used the term, 'as many as'. 

English - Stories with a Familiar Setting

Year 1 have loved the start of our new English unit 'Stories with a Familiar Setting'. We were left a note asking us to follow the clues to find the treasure! We had to solve the riddles written on the notes that led us to familiar places in our school. Can you solve any of the riddles?

- Children sit on me when it's time to rest. What am I?

-I have a net but I do not catch fish. What am I?

- Don't be late as here I wait. Don't be late! I am a g___.

- I am a plant. From a bulb I grow. I arrive in Spring. My colour is yellow. What am I?


We had great fun acting out the story 'Marshmallow' about a hungry creature who loves tasty marshmallows. We were able to sequence the story using pictures and time words. 


Sunflower Planting


Maths- Numbers to 100

We have been learning how to make numbers up to 100 using base 10 resources. We were able to partition the numbers into tens and ones using part part whole. 

Bunny's Birthday!

For one of our English units this half term we are writing recounts about celebrations. To help us with this, we had our own celebration for our class bunny's birthday which we planned as a class.

Easter Garden

To finish our Easter unit of work in R.E, we designed and made our own Easter gardens.

DT - Windmills 


Coronation Celebrations 


RWI Role Play 

The children have really enjoyed our new RWI role play area. They have been taking on the role of the teacher by teaching their 'class'. We deifninately have some future teachers in Grey Rabbits! 


Year 1 really enjoyed using their knowledge of the seasons to help them plan a weather report. They had to think carefully about the season that they were given and select the correct weather symbols for that season. They reported on all of the countries in the UK (England, Scotlant, Wales and Norther Ireland). 


In groups, we were able to identify and label the different parts of a tree 

PSHE - Knowing who to contact if we need help.