We've had a brilliantly busy half term. Thank you parents for all of your support this term. I hope you enjoy your break and look forward to seeing you when we return. In the meantime, here are just a couple of activities that we have been doing on this terms topic 'Infinity and Beyond!'

ART Infinity and beyond!

We looked at Peter Thorpe (Space Artist) and used a range of materials and techniques to replicate his work! 

SCIENCE - Infinity and Beyond!

After lots of research into space, our planets and its movement in space. Our final lesson involved measuring craters and exploring their impact on the moons surface. We had great fun being little scientists!

Here are some photos from values week!


Hope is a great value. We learned that hope is a seed. When planted, hope can inspire belief in goodness.

We learned about  Rev. Dr. Martin L King Jr. His dream inspired change amongst the whole world.



We trust in The Lord God Almighty to guide us when we are blind.

We made our own garden of trust.




We spent a full day on showing levels of kindness to other children in our school.

We helped put on coats, tied shoe laces, asked people if they wanted to play our games, took their lunch plates back, tidied up after someone else, held open doors and even gave compliments to people we did not know so well.

Mr Critchley said that if we filled a bucket of kindness, he would give honest compliments and presents to people he didn’t know very well!



As well as learning the song, we wrote an acrostic poem about respect.



For the same reason that god gives his love to us, happiness will thrive…

We have all got a special plant that we are going to love and care for…

So it too, can thrive.