Year 5 Curriculum Map


Welcome to Summer One!


English - Stories from other cultures

In this unit, children will write a story that includes an effective setting description, complex sentences with -ed and -ing sentence openers and a clear structure – opening, build up, problem, resolution, ending.



 Maths No Problem - Geometry

In Spring Term Y5 Tigers will be looking at position and movement. Geometry is an important part of mathematics and in this big unit we will be looking in great depth to position, movement, measurements, area and perimeter.


R.E -  Exploring the lives of significant women.  

 In this unit, we will be exploring the lives of significant women in the Old Testament,  


Spanish - Olympics

Y5 Tigers will be learning about the Olympics in Summer One! By the end of this unit, children will be Spanish Olympic enthusiasts and be able to understand the key facts of the ancient and modern Olympics recounted in Spanish.

Learn 10 nouns and articles for common Olympic sports.


History - Behind the Tudor

In Summer One we will be travelling back in time to the Tudors. We will look at different monarchs, crimes and punishments, the difference between poor and wealthy, the Spanish Armada, the Battle of Bosworth and uncover some of the reasons that Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn.


Science – Materials and their properties

In this Science topic, we will be looking at the properties of materials, experimenting with thermodynamics to find the best materials to keep your drink cool, experiment with electricity, finding the best materials to make the brightest bulb, looking at which materials dissolve and which melt, how to separate mixtures and if all changes are reversible.  


Computing - Binary Messages

This term, Y5 Tigers will be introduced to binary code. By the end of the unit, children will be able to explain what binary code is and how it is used. Not only will children be introduced to spreadsheets and basic formulas, children will create their own binary conversion machine.


Welcome to Spring Two!


English – Inventors and Inventions

In this unit, children will look at inventions and inventors as a theme.

By the end of this unit, children will have been exposed to a range of writing opportunities such as a diary entry, letter, internal monologue, summery and prediction. The children will also write a short story for a chapter for a novel about an invention which includes an action scene. The second part of this term allows children to create a page for their own magazine, which includes a range of text types and information from their own research.