Breakfast with Santa

The children really enjoyed having breakfast with Santa. They decorated their own gingerbread Christmas trees and listened to Santa read a story! We hope he comes back next year! 


Christmas Around the World

The children loved participating in our 'Christmas Around the World' celebration day where we looked at how Christmas was celebrated in Romania and Norway. We learnt how to say 'Merry Christmas' in Romanian and made a traditional Christmas decoration. We find out that gonks originated from Scandinavian countries and made our own gonk to decorate the Christmas tree with. We also made Pekkarkaker, which is a ginger biscuit sold during the Christmas period in Norway. 


Seasonal Walk 

The children learnt all about Autumn and looked out for signs of Autumn on our seasonal walk. 


Our School Ground 

The children have studied our school grounds during our geography lessons this term. We have been making messy maps of the classroom, using keys to read maps and we learnt all about directional language then applied our knowledge by directing the Bee Bots around a map. 


Jesus' World 

During RE the children learnt what the world was like when Jesus was alive. We explored what they wore and tried some of the different foods that he would have eaten. 


Rabbit Collages

The children used different types of materials to design and make a collage of a Rabbit.


Values Week

White Rabbits enjoyed participating in many different activities related to our school values during Values Week.