Christmas cards and calendars!

We enjoyed getting crafty when making our Christmas cards and calendars for 2023.


Morning with Father Christmas

We had a special surprise on Wednesday morning. Father Christmas came to visit us. We had a great time decorating biscuits, singing songs and Father Christmas even read us a story- The night before Christmas! We also told him all about our visit from his naughty elves.


Naughty Elves!

We were very shocked and surprised to discover some of Santa's naughty elves had come into the school grounds and were being very mischievous. Our lesson was disrupted by the cheeky elves knocking on the windows and making a mess of the playground. We are writing a letter to Santa as we were not impressed!


Christmas Around the World Day

We looked at Russia and learnt that their Santa is called Grandfather Frost. He delivers presents to children with the help of his Granddaughter the Snow Maiden. They both wear blue and snowflake patterns on their gowns. We made Christmas decorations that were blue snowflakes.

We also learnt about Germany and how they first invented advent calendars. We looked at popular foods that Germans eat at Christmas time and found out that they like to make gingerbread. They also decorate gingerbread houses. We then baked and decorated our own gingerbread men!

We looked at Christmas in Sweden and learnt that their celebrations last 2 months!  On December 13th it is Saint Lucia day. They remember how Lucia a young girl was killed in 304 AD because of her Christian beliefs. She would help Christians who were in need. On St Lucia day, girls dress in a white dress with a red sash and wear a crown on her head with candles. We made a crown with candles to represent St Lucia.

In Australia at Christmas it is summer time! They believe that when Santa come to Australia, he gives his reindeers a rest and calls on his 6 white boomers to help him pull thein sleigh. We then learnt the traditional Australian carol- Six White Boomers!


Maths Measuring!

We have been using our measuring skills to investigate objects that are longer, shorter and about 1m in length. We have also been measuring in centimetres using our rulers. We worked in pairs and followed instructions to measure lengths of string to create string men!  



Sorting in Science

In our Science lesson we started looking ad animals and their offspring. We matched the animals with their off spring and sorted them into groups of animals that look like their off spring and animals that do not.


TT Rock stars Day!

We really enjoyed our Times Tables Rock stars day! We were able to show off our rock star outfits on the catwalk and perform our 2 times table song to an audience. We were very brave as we had never performed in front of the whole school before. In class we battled against one another using our 10 times table multiplication facts playing hit the button. Well done to Mia who was our rock star battle winner with the highest score! We also designed our own rock guitars- well done to Kayden and Charlie who won the best effort award for their guitar designs! Year 6 came down to the Owls class to play times table bingo and they led other mathematical counting games. Finally we played part games in the hall, including rock star corners and musical rock star pose statues! We had an awesome day!


Maths Multiplication Matching

We have worked so hard to start learning our 2, 5 and 10 times table. We have enjoyed playing multiplication memory games where we have had to match the number sentences with the answers.


Super Sewing!

This half term we have been learning how to sew. We have learnt how to thread the cotton through the needle using our fine motor skills. We have also learnt how to tie a knot in the end of our string. Finally we have learnt how to piece material together using a running stitch. Have a look at the photo gallery below.




We have been learning how to say key phrases in Spanish. We can now say hello, how are you and respond to the question in Spanish. We then patched the pictures to the phrases. Take a look at the great work we have done!



We were lucky enough to have a specialist yoga coach come in and teach us some yoga moves. We had a lovely calming session. Take a look at our photos. 


Values Week

During our first week back after the summer holidays we looked at explored our school values and completed many different activities linked to these values. Look through the flipbook to see all the learning we got up to.