Sports Day

Due to the weather KS1 could not have their planned outdoor sports day but the weather didn’t ruin our fun. We decided to have a mini sports day as a class in the hall. We participated in a penalty shoot out, target throwing, standing long jump, sprinting race and the egg and spoon race. W had such a good time and all tried really hard in every activity we completed.



Wow! What an exciting coupled of days we have had in preparation for our enterprise market sale. Owls have been super busy planning the product we would be making and selling. We started by thinking carefully about the products we thought would sell best and did a class vote. We then did some market research by pricing how much it would cost to make them- finding the best bargains! We also looked at several different local charities to see which one we wanted to raise money for. We decided we would raise money for Ormskirk and Southport District RSPCA. Following this we created our posters, carefully discussing how much we should sell them for and finally we made our products. We loved making and decorating the owl cakes and making stress balls and our market day was a huge success!


SATs Celebration Party!

Year 2 have worked so hard this last term preparing for their SATs. Everyone has tried their best and they all did a fantastic job. I am so proud of each and every Owl!

As a reward we had a celebration party on the last day of half term where we had a disco and played party games. We then came into class and watched a film whilst having a sweet treat.


Will they grow?

In our science lessons we have being learning all about plants. We have carried out an investigation to find out what plants need to survive and stay healthy. We planted sunflower seeds into pots. One pot had everything we predicted a plant would need to germinate and stay healthy, another pot had no water, the third pot had not sun light, our fourth pot was kept in the fridge at a cooler temperature and the fifth pot had no soil. We are continuing to record our observations writing down any changes in order to make conclusions.


Coronation Party

To celebrate King Charles III being crowned, the class made crowns and coloured place mats in preparation for our school celebration. We gathered together in the hall and had a celebration picnic!


Easter Reflections

During our Easter Reflections week, we explored the Easter story and the signs and symbols associated with Easter. We sequenced and retold the Easter story in detail and we identified symbols and pictures and discussed what the represented in relation to the Easter story. We learnt about the paschal candle and designed our own and we learnt about the Eucharist and experienced our very own Eucharist at Christ the Servant.