Merry Christmas!

Year Six enjoying Christmas jumper and dinner day!


DT Week - Waistcoats

The children have been very busy this week designing, making and improving their waistcoats. The children were able to follow a design brief to sketch their ideas, they had to make a waistcoat that was suitable for a soft toy and included a button. The children created a template and were able to trace around this to give their waistcoat a shape, then they stitched each piece together carefully.

Once they had completed this, they had to attach one or two buttons onto their design before adding their final design pieces. 

Well done Year Six, they look fantastic!


Christmas Around the World

The children had a fantastic day learning about Christmas traditions in Mexico and Bulgaria!

They learnt many key phrases in Spanish and Bulgarian, made delicious cookies and tasted a traditional hot chocolate recipe. The children created beautiful pieces of artwork that were inspired by poinsettia flowers and used origami techniques to make their Christmas decorations.


Science - Refraction

Year Six explored the rules of refraction by making their own periscopes. 


Art - Making Maya Masks

The children were extremely proud of their Maya masks!



English - Rehearsing a Poem

The children have been enjoying our new outcome in English! They have been analysing a number of different poems and then rehearsed and performed their favourite.



DT - Making Playground Structures 

The Lions have been very excited about their latest DT project! The children designed their own pieces of equipment based on a number of things: the playground had to include something that could spin or swing, something that they could hide under and something that they could climb. They thought carefully about the materials that they wanted to select to make the strongest structures and were so sensible when using a saw, hand drill and glue gun to create their structures. 


PSHE - Relaxation and Mindfulness

Year Six had a relaxing start to their afternoon. They explored different breathing techniques, completed a relaxation sequence and thought of positive affirmations that they could use to each day. 

Science - Investigating Fossils

The children enjoyed exploring a number of different fossils, they used these to make predictions about what plant or animal this was similar to and what habitat they thought that it belonged in. 


Reading - Fig Tasting

After reading our class novel, 'Running Wild' the children were interested in tasting figs! Mrs Warrington provided all of the children with a fig roll to taste, the children thought that they were delicious!




The children had a fantastic time on their residential in Wales! They learnt many news skills such as resilience, teamwork and perseverance as well as making life-long memories. Bishop Bear had an amazing time too!


Maths - Comparing Numbers to 10,000,000

The children had fun exploring the concept of comparing numbers to 10,000,00 by playing a game with their partner. Each child was given the digit cards 0-9 and were to select seven cards at random, they used their knowledge of place value to try and create the greatest number and beat their partner!



English - Debate Planning

The children worked in small groups and were confidently able to debate the topic:

Should Animals be used in the Circus? 

This debate links closely to our current class novel, 'Running Wild'. The children were able to debate points both for and against this topic and listened respectfully to each other whilst discussing these. 



PE - Gymnastics

The children enjoyed their first PE lesson; they will be focusing on Gynmastics this term. They explored different ways to travel around the space, learnt a variety of different jumps and how to sit and stand like a gymnast. 


Values Week

See our PowerPoint below for all of our fantastic learning during Values Week.