English - Super Sleuth

Today the children in Year Six became detectives! They had to use the clues and evidence to solve the crime, who broke into our classroom last night? 

Once the children had looked at the all of the clues they answered two questions: What do you know? What do you think that this could imply? 

They then decided who the culprit was! 

Maths - Coordinates

The children enjoyed playing battleships to explore the concept of coordinates in Maths.


Science Week


Spanish - La Cominda Sana

The children used all of their language skills to begin having conversations with others in the class. They asked each other what they did to stay healthy and were able to respond with a number of healthy food/drink items and physical activities. It was fantastic to see the children using all of the skills that they have learnt so far!


Theme - A Local History Study

Thank you to the Skelmersdale Heritage Society for teaching us so much about the history of Skelmersdale!


World Book Day

The children enjoyed visiting Mrs Warrington's Book Shop!

Well done to all of the children who made their favourite book characters from potatoes at home - they were all amazing!



Maths - Finding the Volume

The children used interlocking cubes to make their own cuboids, they used their concrete resources to explore how to calculate the volume. They were also able to identify that there are a number of different measurements that would give them the same volume.


PE - Den Building

The children had a fantastic PE lesson to conclude our unit, 'Outdoor and Adventure'. They were given pieces of string and tarpaulin and used the natural environment to build their own dens, they worked fantastically as small teams and really showed their creativity! 


Science - Cardiovascular Scientist!

The children were able to use all of their prior learning to become cardiovascular scientists! They planned an experiment that explored the impact that exercise has on the way their bodies function. The children began by measuring their resting heart rate before completing a number of different activities. They recorded their heart rate after each exercise and could draw comparisons from their results.


Design Technology - Automata Toys

Year Six have been working hard on their DT projects that are inspired by Macbeth! They worked in small groups to create a wooden frame, explored the use of cams to make their characters move and designed a backdrop to emphasise their characters. 


Computing - VR Worlds

The children enjoyed creating their own VR word, they were able to create a scene that included characters that could have a conversation. They are very excited to learn more skills to continue to build their own world!


Science - The Digestive System

The children explored different elements of the Digestive System by labelling each part and describing the function. They were very interested to discover how water and nutrients travel around the body. 



Theme - Map Reading

This half-term Year Six are looking at the United Kingdom in Geography. Today they used a number of different maps to locate counties within the United Kingdom, they enjoyed using their map reading skills to fill in missing counties on a map of the United Kingdom.