DT - Steady Hand Games

The children combined their learning in Science to make steady hand games, they used copper wire to create their game and used their scientific skills to add a circuit. They had so much fun exploring the games that their peers had made. 


Theme - Suffragette Workshop

Today Year Six met the famous suffragette: 'Edith Rigby'.

The children explored a number of artifacts, they were then able to generate a number of questions that they had after this. 

They then played the Edith Rigby game and were able to learn more about her life as a suffragette. 


We finished the session with a debate, the children had to debate whether they thought being a Suffragette or a Suffragist was the best way to see a change. 


Science - Exploring Volts

Today the children completed their own Science experiment which answered the question: Does the change in voltage effect the brightness of a lightbulb? 

They were able to set up their own circuits in order to solve this enquiry, before they changed the voltage the children were able to make a prediction and explain what they thought would happen. 


SATs Week is Over!

Well done to our amazing Year Six! It has been a tricky week but you tackled it with the best attitude, we are so proud of you all!


Coronation Lunch!