We sailed on a ferry across the Mersey! 


We learnt about Liverpool Dock and the trade links to the rest of the world, we found out which goods are imported and exported and presented our information.


We finished our amazing day in Liverpool with an open top bus tour of the city, we learnt so many amazing facts about the famous landmarks!


Enterprise Day

Year Six had a fantastic day planning and creating their own business, they have decided to make a sell a selection of bookmarks and donate any money made to: "Make a Wish". 


Art - Symbols and Patterns

Year Six had a lovely afternoon outside completing artwork based on the Mayan spirit symbols. The children selected three symbols that they thought best represented their personality and created a colourful piece of artwork based on these.


DT - Ready, Steady, Cook!

The children became chefs for the afternoon! They were able to design and make a three course meal for the other children to taste! 

Starter: Stuffed peppers with cheese, ham and onion. 


Main: Battered chicken with potato wedges. 


Dessert: Fruit pancakes with chocolate sauce. 


Leavers Service 

The children had a lovely day in Liverpool at the Cathedral for their Leavers Service, they represented Bishop Martin brilliantly and enjoyed celebrating their primary school journey!


Art - Maya Patterns and Printing

The children used there prior knowledge of the Maya to create patterns and designs that were inspired by the Mexican artist Diego Rivera.


DT - Steady Hand Games

The children combined their learning in Science to make steady hand games, they used copper wire to create their game and used their scientific skills to add a circuit. They had so much fun exploring the games that their peers had made. 


Theme - Suffragette Workshop

Today Year Six met the famous suffragette: 'Edith Rigby'.

The children explored a number of artifacts, they were then able to generate a number of questions that they had after this. 

They then played the Edith Rigby game and were able to learn more about her life as a suffragette. 


We finished the session with a debate, the children had to debate whether they thought being a Suffragette or a Suffragist was the best way to see a change. 


Science - Exploring Volts

Today the children completed their own Science experiment which answered the question: Does the change in voltage effect the brightness of a lightbulb? 

They were able to set up their own circuits in order to solve this enquiry, before they changed the voltage the children were able to make a prediction and explain what they thought would happen. 


SATs Week is Over!

Well done to our amazing Year Six! It has been a tricky week but you tackled it with the best attitude, we are so proud of you all!


Coronation Lunch!