‘Preparing our pupils for the digital world; unlocking the potential’

            Through our teaching of computing, we equip our children to thrive in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology.

            At Bishop Martin, the teaching of Computing is underpinned by Online Safety being central to the curriculum.  Whilst showing children the benefits of using new technologies, we are also rigorous about teaching them how to use technology safely and responsibly.  We also aim to empower parents and carers with information regarding keeping children safe online.  Our Computing webpage and Online Safety policy have more information regarding this.

            We follow the Knowsley Computing Scheme of Work from Foundation Stage to Year 6 to ensure progression in knowledge and skills, as well as allowing children to confidently build their subject-specific vocabulary.  Children in all key stages learn computer programing and coding, testing and debugging and become confident with this by the end of Key Stage Two.  Children are encouraged to become independent learners by taking problems apart, analysing them and applying their knowledge to solve problems.