Maths No Problem!

After careful consideration and research we have chosen to use the Maths No Problem resources to enhance our mastery approach to teaching Maths. This set of resources ensures staff are adequately supported in the five main components of Mastery Maths and therefore allows them to use their creativity to make lessons fun and engaging. Lessons and activities are designed to encourage children to become more fluent in their problem-solving and encourage a higher level of thinking in maths in order to deepen understanding and master concepts.


Mastery Maths

After extensive research and training we have created a curriculum that is based on mastery of mathematical concepts, gaining greater depth in children’s understanding as well as producing confident, resilient and enthusiastic learners. We also ensure our teaching and learning is based on the five main components of Mastery:

  • Variation - Highlighting the essential components of a mathematical concept by varying the questioning and activity. 
  • Fluency - The ability to quickly recall and use number facts. 
  • Mathematical Thinking - Looking for patterns in number.
  • Representation and Structure - Showing the Mathematical concepts in a number of different ways. 
  • Coherence - Ensuring that lessons are broken down in smaller steps to ensure full understanding. 


Please see below for further information and click on the link at the bottom of the page to view the website and parent videos which explain some of the important aspects of ‘Maths No Problem’.

Parent Guide

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