Music at Home

There is a huge variety of musical experiences you can have outside of school.

The best way for you to learn about all the genres is to share the interest of someone close to you. Please listen with your parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins and family friends to their favourite music (although make sure the lyrics are suitable for your age!). Ask them who the performer and  the composers are. Can you hear instruments you recognise?  Can you name the genre of the music?

Think about whether you enjoy that music or not and why.


If you have access to a computer why don’t you search for music from different countries or that use an instrument you are interested in? You can share things that you find out with your family, teacher and your class.

Sometimes your teacher may put something in the Charanga Music World for you to access with your login and experience at home, in ICT club or in Music club.


A fun activity to do is to make your own musical instrument from junk materials.

Any bottle, box or container filled with a handful of dry material such as pasta, lentils, sand, buttons or pebbles will make a shaker. You could make several different ones and compare the sounds. For safety it is best to seal the containers with tape.

Boxes, empty bins, yoghurt pots, old pots and pans, coffee tins or buckets will make drums. Drumsticks can be pencils, wooden spoons or sticks.

You can decorate your instruments with stickers or permanent marker. 

When you log on to your Charanga lessons, you can use your instruments to find the pulse and make rhythms. 


Music club

Music club meets each year from February.

The children decide  themselves what they would like to do.

They can choose to play a variety of tuned and percussion instruments and use apps on the ipads to explore musical experiences.

Children learn to read music and love to compose their own pieces.

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Here are some links to websites that you can use to support your learning and enjoyment of Music.

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