Subject Lead: Rebecca Bond


'Our Curriculum Promise'

            Here at Bishop Martin we aim to give our children the confidence to achieve mathematically, in the hope that we enhance their chances of success in later life.

            Through the use of our current Structure of Learning, ‘Maths – No Problem!’ children build on a range of strategies and approaches towards maths as they progress through school, they see a real reason for maths and are prepared for future education and life. All children are encouraged to develop independence and show the skills of perseverance and resilience, they are encouraged to develop and show perseverance and resilience in daily lessons.

            The staff at Bishop Martin work to foster a life-long love of maths through a rich, purposeful and rigorous experience within a structured planning format that follows sequenced lessons which are coherently planned and build upon prior learning and vocabulary.  All children are challenged and are exposed to an element of Mastery within their maths lessons, children are taken out of their comfort zone on a daily basis and are encouraged to verbalise their thought process by explaining their process and methods.

            Times tables are given a high priority throughout school through the online resource, ‘Times Table Rockstar’ and other interactive apps.  Our enthusiasm and approach leads to engaging, varied and relevant maths experience for all children here at Bishop Martin.


Mathematics Milestones


Mathematics Vocabulary & Content