Meet your Maths Ambassadors!

The Role of the Maths Ambassadors: 

  • To share a love of Maths in school.
  • To celebrate the achievements of others.
  • To introduce competitions and new ideas.
  • To raise the profile of Maths in school.
  • To lead activities relating to Maths.
  • To discuss Maths with visitors to our school.
  • To give the pupils in school a voice and help them share their ideas.


"I love talking to others about Maths and would love to tell visitors how we do Maths at Bishop Martin. I really enjoy Maths and think that it is a good subject, I would like to look at how Maths is taught in other classes."


"I love being a Maths Ambassador because I believe that I am good at Maths! I am kind, polite and enjoy talking to others, I enjoy working with the Maths Subject Leader and helping to develop Maths and plan events."


"I think that I am good at Maths and really enjoy the subject! I'm confident within my lessons and am able to talk about the subject and how we teach Maths at Bishop Martin. I really enjoy being a Maths Ambassador!"


"I love being a Maths Ambassador as I like talking about Maths and thinking of ways that we can improve. I enjoy supporting others in my year group and beyond, and finding ways to share my knowledge. I believe that I am a good role model for others and can confidently speak about Maths, I also enjoy supporting the Subject Leader and organising events."



Some great websites for you to check out ...


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