Values' Week

We have had a great first week in Grey Squirrels, exploring our 5 school values: Love, Trust, Kindness, Hope and Respect. Check out the gallery below to see the fun activities we have done. 


Y1 R.E- Harvest Food Tasting

We enjoyed tasting lots of different fruit and vegetables during our work on harvest. 



We got really messing when experimenting with charcoal!

We loved using cuddly toys in our Art lessons to show our observational drawing skills! 


Macmillan Coffee Morning!

Y1 English

We have enjoyed retelling the story of Lost and Found in a variety of ways such as story sequencing; stick puppets; drama and freeze frames.

Y1/2 Arithmetic

Year 1 have been working really hard on their number bonds to 10. 

Year 2 have been using their knowledge of numbers to 100 to count in 2s, 10s and 5s. 


          More Gymnastics

We really enjoyed getting the climbing frame out to conclude our gymnastic lessons.

R.E Sukkot!

After finishing our work about Harvest, we learned about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. We had lots of fun making decorations for our own Sukkah, building one and enjoying a drink, biscuit and prayer with our friends in there. 


Each month, we take a class picture by the same tree to help with of observations of changes that take place during the different seasons. Here are our September pictures...


Geography - United Kingdom


We have been learning how to use Digimaps to locate human and physical features in the United Kingdom. We were Geography detectives and used aerial photographs to recognise landmarks and basic human and physical features.



R.E- Creation

Our new unit learning in R.E focussed on God and the Creation. During our first lesson, we thought about how God must have felt when he created the world, and had lots of fun being creators ourselves, choosing our own materials to use...

History - What key events have happened in my timeline?

Thank you for sending in all of the baby and milestone photographs of your child. We have learnt how to say how we have changed over time. We used a timeline to order the photographs of Miss Casey from a baby to now. We did really well at identifying others from looking at similar features from the past and today.  

English - Firework Poetry

Look at our amazing poems all about bonfire night! We had to use -ed suffixes in our writing.